Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Emerald Viewer Issues-Not To Be an Alarmist, But................

So I log in to SL today minding my own business only to find that apparently not everyone is minding their own business. One of my best SL friends asked if I have heard about the lastest Emerald scandal. I thought, "O no, not my beloved Emerald again". Sure enough there is yet another Emerald issue to deal with and I don't know much about it or even understand it much, but the gist of it is that reportedly somehow documents were recently leaked from the ModularSystems.com web site that includes a dump of a secret “datamine” data base containing over 39,000 entries tracking 16,740 Second Life players, detailing avatar name, avatar key, and IP address. OF COURSE Kara's name HAD to be on this list. Maybe I should not advertise that. Well I changed my password for whatever that is worth and will carry on and hope there are no Kara stalkers out there in RL. (Note to potential stalkers: Large vicious dogs and guns are not uncommon where I live) A note is circulating around SL today as follows: IMPORTANT !!!!

Important for Emerald users.
for all the people who use or used Emerald :
It is reccomended to change the password and to check if your avi name is on the list of the first link below...a datebase of Emarald has been stolen...it contains IP adresses, UID and timestamps of 16.000 avatars.
Spread this NC, and check your friends also on the list.


Well for all I know this may or may not be a problem or even real, but here is a direct link so maybe you can all now figure out where your SL friends live in RL. Just don't mess with me, I like to relax in SL and am too busy for stalkers in RL. Thanks

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