Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"It's a Wonderful Second Life: Breathe 2" by Sam Lowry

SL in a nutshell for me. Check out Sam's other machinima on Youtube.

Post note: This is the craziest story, but seriously happened. Not 5 minutes after I saw Sam's machinima on Youtube, made a comment and dragged a copy over here to my blog, I dropped into Lost World and right in front of me was Sam as a knight in shining armour on a horse. Of course I had to start a conversation as this was way too ironic plus I wanted to talk to him. He changed before my eyes into this creature as also seen in his machinima, and I snapped a few quick shots. He was very nice. I was just blown away by the coincidence.


  1. Thank you for your nice words. I am just happy that my silly work pleased you. And perhaps in another place on Second Life, we met each others again :)

  2. Hey, Sam! I love your machinima and thanks for stopping by my blog : )