Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flood Relief Benefit for Cypress Rosewood

This evening I joined over 80 other avatars in the French Quarter sim to enjoy some back to back live music by some of SL's most popular musicians raising donations for Cypress Rosewood, whose home has been ravaged by the TN flooding. I made a short vid of one of my favs Skye Galaxy and a friend of mine, Kolor Fall, who were up consecutively. By the time I left there was almost $400,000L in the tips jars and more music left in the lineup to come.

Cypress himself showed up for a short time and talked about how he was away from home when his wife and daughter had to rush to leave the house, how he had seen a black crow just prior and wondered if it was a sign, how a special guitar was saved when many thigs around it were a total loss, and some of his observations and feelings about the flooding. He said he most likely would not be able to be back in full swing in SL for a few weeks because of the flooding and losses. I previously had a note telling how the flooding was up to the window sills in his home. I'm sure this is a very traumatic time for him and his family and hope everyone has a chance to donate to this gentleman who has been very supportive of SL musicians.

There will be another live music benefit 5-8-10 from 4 to 12 SLT at The Pocket Freestar Bay Isle/216/32/24.. At 7:45 SLT Azar Shelman, friend to Cypress (Tony Dyson, the man who built R2D2 RL) will do a Q&A session annd pass out gifts to the audience. Another artist I look forward to seeing is ColeMarie Soliel at 6pm SLT.

If you haven't heard Cypress before, he's a RL/SL live musician himself and a RL/SL radio host. To tip direction go to:

Below is a quick little vid I took between crashes with the newly installed updated viewer and yes I did overlap Skye's music becuase I thought it was cool and he hit the high notes.

Untitled from Kara Trapdoor on Vimeo.

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