Monday, May 31, 2010

CW & FAn Imports and Exports-Virgin Islands-111,140,21

Fantasy Rhode and Kara on the beach

Today I visited another new sim. CW&F Imports and Exports-Virgin Islands, 111,140,21 is owned by Fantasy Rhode and CW Henhouse. I'm told CW does the majority of the building and Fantasy focuses more on a lot of the texturing and decorating. When I popped in at the recommendation of another friend, Fantasy greeted me and offered a tour. Fantasy explained their sim houses 3 large shops, 4 smaller ones and a huge detailed pirate ship full of treasures in addition to all the scenic areas, bumper cars, sky diving, huge slide, art gallery, bargain yard sale area, dancing, and pose balls. The place appeared to be a decorators dream come true and seems to offer something for everyone to enjoy from playing, sightseeing and home decor as well as the large variety of styles of furniture and art represented.

At first glance I mainly saw a nice pottery shop on a beautiful beach but just around the corner were small shops including an adorable food, bakery and wine shop, garden area, lights and lamps, candles, and Egyptian decor shops. Across from that docked the beautiful pirate ship that was filled with interesting things to see and buy. I could not pass up buying a vanity that offers products and allows a person to actually brush their hair, apply lipstick at the mirror and even paint toenails on the floor with wonderfully realistic animation. Fantasy advised me they pride themselves in the realistic animations they try to offer in most of their furniture, and it shows in the quality.

We tp'd up to another huge area that houses several buildings including a large 3 story art gallery that offers a wide variety of styles of art at very reasonable prices. After Fantasy told me a customer had purchased 20 items and told her the prices were too cheap I had to scan one which was listed for only 50L. Fantasy indicated later they may offer some SL artists shows in a gallery, but the place is not quite finished, although ready for visitors. They have been open for approximately 8 weeks and a grand opening is in the works. Toward the end of the tour CW joined us for a fast paced bumper car round and a very high sky dive from the upper levels back to the ground level. This classy sim is great for for people who like to decorate and/or explore and play. check it out here: CWFAn Imports.

CW Henhouse, Fantasy Rhode, and Kara (me) bumper car fun!

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