Sunday, May 29, 2011

BOSL CEO/Founder, Frolic Mills, 4th Rez Day Party

Yesterday, May 28th, I attended the 4th rez day party for Mr. Frolic Mills. Frolic is BOSL CEO and Founder, owner of the BOSL Browns, the football team my cheer leading squad is owned by and also my boss at BOSL. The event was held at the Patch Thibaud auditorium to a crowd of over 50 and the show lineup was a list of Broadway hits.
Frolic Mills

One of the highlights for me was enjoying the talent of real life Broadway artist Tamra Hayden, known as Tamra Sands in SL, who has held lead roles in blockbusters such as Les Miserables, Cabaret, Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler On the Roof and others. I honestly was very happily surprised to learn of and hear her and kept asking myself and others around me, "Where did she come from?", as I've never seen her in SL before and her voice was so very very impressive. You can read more about her real life and there is also a SL segment including her SL performance schedule here: or direct link here: TamraHere.
Tamara Sands/Hayden

Other performers included one of my favorite SL dance troupes, The Dramatiques, which I have blogged a couple of times before here. Jesse Ribeiro, also a RL musician, composer, vocalist, and producer, recently bringing his music into SL, performed as well.

Various Broadways musicals were performed at the party with props, costumes, beautiful backgrounds, dances, and music including numbers from The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Grease, The Lion King, West Side Story, Tommy, Evita and more.

The party ended with Mr. Mills, performers, and guests dancing on the stage. As expected when it involves Frolic Mills and BOSL, the party was something special in SL to remember.
Tamra Hayden/Sands
(Tamra RL photo from her website)

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