Thursday, May 5, 2011

Japan Relief Fundraiser May 14th to 29th **Opening Events 5-14-2011**

JRF ~ 5/14-5/29

Japan Relief Fundraising opens on May 14 (Sat)!!! We have over 50 amazing designers and creators supporting for this cause!!!

We will have entertainment and amazing shopping experience awaits you!

Let's show for a cause!!! or direct link here: JapanReliefHere.

Photographer: The amazing Mr. Skip Staheli -Flickr here: direct link here: SkipHere.
The above was copied with permission from the Flickr of my friend,fellow BOSL Browns cheerleader and Miss Virtual World 2011, Serene Faith. Check out her Flickr here: or direct link here: SereneHere.

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