Saturday, May 28, 2011

Explore Al Naifah in Second Life

racer_059 or direct link here: NaifahHere.
I found an amazing sim yesterday that works wonderfully for photos in windlight. It has great lighting and aurora borealis, crystal garden, colorful forest, and tons of pose places. There are very romantic intans loaded with some unique dances too, impressive! There are two large screens with movies, numerous elaborate game table areas including chess, Skip, Spades, Greedy greedy, truth, Jewelland etc. Friends Brian joined me last night and ColeMarie came in this morning. This seems like a great hang out and photo op place for sure. Check it out.

split screen_051

split screen_036



  1. hahahaha was nice to see you this morning ^^

  2. Great to see your fairyself there and also love your blog post.