Sunday, May 8, 2011

Anna's Many Murders, by Bryn Oh

Visit here: or direct link here: BrynHere.
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"Anna tired of body apps, that people used to fill their gaps. So with a touch of profound sadness, Anna embraced what we'd call madness" Thus begins the saga.... and further down the bloody trail of bodies left by poor deranged Anna I found the chef tied to the tracks with the sign reading....
"The chef suggested Anna might be insane, as they patiently waited for the passenger train" ("Suggests" is an understatement as far as I can tell) Bryn's path leads us through a virtual maze of one crime scene after another in true Bryn style including mechanical and surreal body parts to the characters in this story.
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Murder madness is what it's about all about and thankfully I dropped in early to witness the mass murder before the crowds and gawkers arrived for the actual grand opening time 5-7-11, as the sim filled fast. Many others had the same idea to visit early and Bryn Oh was on hand to greet and answer questions and to observe the visitors making their way through the path of Anna's insane destruction. I grabbed the provided windlight attachment and was on my journey. In spite of the note cards, I did have a few questions for Bryn which I asked in IM while making my way through the sim which incidentally is aslo named Bryn Oh and I hear was donated by Syn Short. The first question I could not hold back I asked while posing on the stand in front of the Bryn mechanical fairy replica. I asked why the curly thing was broken off the sculpture and bryn said the horn is strong yet brittle.. and that is how I'm feeling sometimes... broken. Very interesting considering the content of the sim exhibit, but yet I'll try not to read too much into any of that.
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Moving along I found the delightful trail of death to actually be quite interactive which was not first very noticeable. If you visit be sure to click around so you don't miss the unusual chance to have a nap in the belly of a horse, well I think it is a horse, or to open the chest of the fairy to see the mechanical works work better, etc. Take time to observe and don't blink, as many things fade into new things in front of your eyes. The trip takes us all the way through poor Anna's trial, imprisonment, and ultimate escape of sorts to continue her behaviors. Anyway, once again a very entertaining experience. Check it out.
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For more info. visit's Bryn's own web sit to hear it from the source. or direct link here: BrynBlogHere. Then pop over to honor's blog for a very cute review that I wish I'd written myself. direct link here: HonourHere.

O, and btw, don't miss the tiny details... : ) enjoy.

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