Sunday, May 22, 2011

ColeMarie Soleil or direct link here:">ColeMarieHere.

The multi-talented SL artist, ColeMarie, has done it again. May 22nd was the public release of the song, "Ink stain" by Arcade Nylon, that everyone can listen to and download for free at the above link. Many SL bloggers have covered this already, but I thought I'd say a little more about ColeMarie rather than this new release that anyone can just hop to and enjoy. This track was a collaboration created by Ryan Campos and ColeMarie

I've been wanting to blog about ColeMarie for a while now and recently she, along with some other high profile friends and partners, started up the highly popular new SL Art and Entertainment blog, featuring some of the most impressive art, sims, and events around the grid. I'll see if I can cover some of the many activities Colemarie participates in for her SL. First of all she is often seen as a fairy and sometimes not the most delicate of this species, and is otherwise known as the Rocker Faerie. She is very active making machimima, writes music and is very sought after to sing at live music venues and special events, posts her photography on Flickr & Koinup, writes for above mentioned blog, New World Notes and her own blog(s), has a clothing line, makes particles, and of course is friendly and gets around the grid very well. She has been interviewed and guest on SL shows, featured in many a blog and magazine article and seems to have an amazing well-deserved following. This is yet another artist whose varied artistic talents are shared both in Second Life and Real Life.

After I started writing this I decided to check on the Internet to see what I could find about ColeMarie, as I figured there had to be some great info. that I don't know about. She does so much and sometimes it's hard to keep up. What was I missing? I could ask her but the research is pretty fun and this way she doesn't have to repeat herself. I found a great interview with some very interesting info. if interested here: or direct link here: ColeHere.

Here are just a few other things I found of interest, but there is so much more that can easily be found with a simple name search:
Youtube:!/ColeMarieSoleil fashion blog

(This photo by: with electronic artist Obsidia-

Ok, now that I've done this.. stalk, but only in a good way. ; )


  1. lol though this post reminded me to delete that crap wix page I dont use it lol my music acoustic stuff goes up at:

    Buuuut XD other than that all the links are accurate... and... lol you are funny XD thanks for the laugh (in a good way).

  2. Haha.. I got the Wix page off, but thought it was good too. Glad you like the post, Keep up the good work! : )