Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bloom Doll Boogie-The Trap Rap

Ok, I was told it's hard to make out the words. Yeah, I should have taken more time.. hey it was late. Here you go:
Bloom dolls are super cool
Well I don't know, I might look a fool
But that's ok yeah that's alright
My av's got a great big head tonight

She's going out to hit the town
I sure hope that she don't fall down
Skinny legs and great big head
She'll hit the floor like a ton of lead

It's Second Life, so heads don't crack
She'll jump right up and bounce right back
To do a goofy dance for you
Now you know you want one too!

So get your doll at the Surf Shack
Come dance with me for a laugh attack
But really I do love my bloom
She’s so cute full of attiTUNE

Now I'm done and it's a wrap
Just one more video from the Trap!

Once again I've jumped on the bandwagon and wanted to check out the bloom doll craze. Not only did I buy to try one, I also bought some pink hair to personalize it and then made a video of her dancing. I just couldn't resist. So yeah, I did it. Maybe I should not have put my name on it? Anyway.. if you want to get a Bloom doll, I got mine at the Sand Shack Surf Co. for $600L. You do have to find and fit your own hair as the doll comes with shape, skin and head, several poses, and eye change options, but no large hair to fit it. I bought this hair at elikatira in the rainbow colors and it sized right up easily to fit. elikatire used to be ETD and the SLurl is here: or direct link here: elikatireHere. There are 2 boys and 6 girl skin tone and design options. Each box comes with a style card, but from what I've seen around the grid people are enjoying making theirs unique. There is a whole blog just about these dolls, numerous blog posts and a Flickr photo group too. Here is the blog with a ton of great photos and info about Bloom dolls: direct link here: FYBDHere.Check it out and just have fun with it! I got my Bloom doll here: or direct link here: BloomHere.


Bloom dolls based on RL Blythe dolls.. check that out here: or direct link here: BlytheHere.

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