Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Check out this great singer and entertainer and new friend to me.... she has an amazing voice and will be singing tomorrow. Come join us. or direct link here: SaraHere.

She writes:
"Hello friends and fans!
Wednesday, May 11, 5pm SL time
GRAND OPENING of SaraMarie's Venue

Come-as-you-are attire in a mature but not adult sim.

I'll be playing piano and guitar, possibly ukelele, singing originals & cover pop songs, and having a great time in a party-like atmosphere.

Crowd interaction games will be included on some songs! Yay! Thanks to all participants in my silly "Red" game that I've been doing at recent have been great! Very colorful!

Free Stuff! I'm still offering "Cinnamon Gum" for free at, will have a NEW FREE SONG available after the show, and I have some in-world freebies to offer at the venue space. All of the freebies are good quality. Nothing junky, clunky or gunky. :)

SaraMarie's Venue will NOT be a traditional live performance venue that has many different SL artists coming here to perform, but rather just a place that I can share my music. It's easier for me, because I don't have to rez and move things before playing, I can offer more free stuff since I can rez in advance, my stream is already plugged in and ready to go, and it's only One landmark to keep track of for my performance. I will still play at other venues, but will keep this one going for the special capabilities that it allows me."

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