Monday, May 16, 2011



A relatively new SL performer, Dragonfly, is at Lingual Marcus' NYC Rooftop venue as I write this up. Dragonfly, Joel Eilde, has been performing RL for a while but recently began his Second Life musical career. It appears he came out running with a long list of originals and others in his song list. I'd describe his sound a bit of alternative and very refreshing for a live musician in SL, as it's a little unique from most the others. My very favorite song he sings is one of his originals, My Second Life Love Affair, which is a humorous look at a SL romance with a catchy tune. Dragonfly's schedule can be found online here: or direct link here: DragonflyHere.

Ling's rooftop studio venue is always good for a great Monday night lineup of live musicians. Check it out some time and while there have a peek below into Ling's gallery. or direct link here: NYCLingHere.

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  1. Great photo and a good review. Thanks for that. :)