Monday, June 3, 2013

The Drax Files: World Makers [ Episode 7: Rod Humble]

Visit Draxtor's Youtube stream here:

I've been meaning to blog Draxtor's videos for quite a while now but was having some problems with getting them (my own included) from Youtube to my blog here, but recently that seems to be working better.  Draxtor Despres used to do a lot of documentary type videos, last year he did well with stories of his plush buddy Flufee, and this years he's focusing on "The Drax Files, World Makers", which showcases high profile builders, sims, or other important people in SL, making fun documentaries that usually include RL and SL video of the "star".  I like this combination between quality information and fun, which seems like a mix of his past projects the documentaries and the Flufee videos.

People that know me, know I enjoy making a machinima  now and again, and often it is to showcase a sim, event or something in SL for others to see and enjoy.  Draxtor has gone above and beyond this concept.  It's great! Take a look at his most recent interview with Rod Humble.  I think this series is his best yet. 

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