Friday, June 21, 2013

Liquid Inferno Club Changing Locations Sunday

Visit here:
Jenn, Liquid Inferno.jpg by Kara 2
(Jenn working at the new location)

Liquid Inferno club is relocating this Sunday with an awesome new build and partial change in ownership.  Owners, Jenn  Silvermoon/onlyjenn who returns with fyrestopper Resident/Blaze Milan, will be opening in the new club Sunday for their 4-6 SLT set. Jenn said the new place is hotter than ever with space for some stores and casino style gaming tables in the back and a sitting lounge area off the main dance floor that is surrounded by an active fire ring and walls of flowing fire and lava.  The dragon will be returning with a dragon theme etched into the central smoky dance floor area. Until Sunday catch them in their regular location and then Sunday at 4 use the link above to find them in their brand new club and location.                Their club info. reads:

                                                     ☠ ◣◥◣◥ ☠  ŁIQЦID IПFΣЯПO  ☠ ◣◥◣◥ ☠
                                                         αвѕolυтely тнe нoттeѕт clυв oɴ тнe ɢrιd!             
coмe pαrтy wιтн υѕ αɴd dαɴce тo мυѕιc ғroм geɴreѕ sυcн αѕ ιɴdυѕтrιαl, нαrd rocĸ, eвм, нαrdcore,
                                                  αlтerɴαтιve, мeтαl, pυɴĸ, ɢoтнιc αɴd dαrĸwαve.
                                                    ☠  ɢιve ιɴ тo тнe ғιre тнαт вυrɴѕ wιтнιɴ!  ☠                               
                                               djѕ cυrreɴlтy ѕтreαмιɴɢ ιɴ тнe eveɴιɴɢ ѕlт hours!"
Liquid Inferno by Kara 2
                                                          (I snapped a shot of the dance floor, under construction)
 The club looks sooo much better in person than my photo shows, as the fire in the walls ebbs and flows.  When it's all done it will be a lot of fun.  Really cool, errr HOT!   Check it out.  I initially blogged about this club last October and they have been busy and going strong ever since.  If you want to see the quick video I made back then in their current/prior building before this new one, check it out here:                        

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