Saturday, June 22, 2013

PassionCove Poses to Benefit 2 Great Sims Annwn Willows and Flocke

See here for poses by my friend Peter Jackson:

Peter's Poses by Kara 2
(pose balls or a good cause)
jenn_023 by Kara 2

I took some pics with Peter's pose balls in Annwan Willows with my friend Lou.  The poses  and scenery were awesome!  If you want to visit the sim go here:

To find more of Peter's poses check out the marketplace link at the top of this post.  Their site states:

"All poses come to you with pose balls (no copy/no transfer, modifiable). And with the animations which are no copy/ no mod/ no transfer.
If you have ideas for custom poses, don't hesitate to contact either myself or Peter in world by dropping a note card. Custom adjusting available.
All proceeds go to Flocke and Annwn Willows photographic sims to help keep them on the grid."
This is great because both Flocke and Annwn Willows are amazing sims to explore. 

Peter's Poses by Kara 2

poses 2.jpg by Kara 2

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