Sunday, June 2, 2013

Explore Second Life

Some fun explores again.

Small Town Green: Cute nature, relax, and photo type place here:

small town green by Kara 2

Tharki Land, Plan B, by Lelu Anatine: This is another beautiful nature area that does both forest and beach areas very well.  There are great hang outs at a camp site, outdoor movie area, beach and forest buildings and plenty of sounds making for a cute explore, photo ops, and relaxing area:

Plan B by Kara 2

Almost Wonderland, Dark Alice in Thandi: A glowy magical fantasy world making for an exciting explore and photos.  Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole or take the magic doors to shops and hunts.

Alice by Kara 2

The Last Stop, owned by Storm Septimus, The Last Stop is set in a nuclear wasteland, with traces of former life scattered about. A friendly community with music and art at its core is to be found amongst the ruins. Plus I found this quirky elephant tied up out in the water for my pic.  Also home to club Re:Noize.

The last Stop by Kara 2

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