Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Cool Twi'lek Alien and A Couple of Sci Fi Explores

So I was out with the Clubbing Connection gang, club hopping, and it was Sci Fi night (Steampunk night is coming up tonight) and someone had on a Twi'lek alien which reminded me I wanted to get one.  So I ran over to Skindustrial Bodywerks and picked up the blue version, but it comes in many colors. They have a cool photo booth type pose area with various poses and backgrounds to take pics in like I did in this first pic.  I also got the SKBW cybercatsuit (2nd pic) which looks great and I just left my Twi skin on and changed out for some red D!va hair, so I'm the blue redhead standing in the middle of their add pics on the 2nd photo.  Both come with lola and nipple options which I am not wearing in the pics.  Visit here for yours:

Doomed Spaceship by Kara 2Industrial bodywerks by Kara 2

Then I went over to Inspire Spacepark/Shinda which is a VERY well known fun hangout in cyberland full or rich textures of planets, celestial beings and galaxies, many poses, dances, particle shows, hangouts, etc. for a pic. Visit here:

AlienKara by Kara Trapdoor

After that I hopped on over to the Doomed Spaceship for a pic in their entry teleporter area that has this cool dual sided sort of fire thing to stand in and when you take the teleport you see yourself sliding down some strange tunnel type thing into the ship corridors.  The place is huge with many twists and turns you can get lost in, but don't miss the hospital, chapel, central area with alien pods and another room that has a squishy looking tentacled large many eyed being, both of which rooms you will need to be careful in, if you don't care to be probed.. if you know what I mean. Or if you like that.. enjoy.   (adult for sure)  Visit here:

Doomed Spaceship by Kara Trapdoor

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