Saturday, June 15, 2013

SL10B Opens June 16-Looking Forward, Looking Back

SL10b a video by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.

SL10B Opening Sunday June 16, until June 29th. Visit here:

SL10B Community Birthday Celebration official web site here:

Happy 10th birthday Second Life!  Normally I like to run or walk around the SL birthday bashes and most explores, which I did here, but then I took the pod riders around which was great because the commentary gave a nice summary (created by each exhibitor) of the places going by, including important features, if they had a freebie, etc.  Of course I kept having to hop off to explore an exhibit here and there or immerse myself a bit more than just riding by.

Misc Info:
-20 sims June 16-29
- I like the theme "Looking Forward, Looking Back, as quite a few of the exhibits show some history of SL.
-The cake this year is a huge tree like structure with a fruit topped cake suspended in the upper branch portion area with the stage and open dance area just below. 
-This year there are huge landscaped areas including under water. 
-Granted some of the exhibits are pretty blatantly self promotional, but in the case of Second Life a user made world, I suppose that is ok.  It is a melting pot of creations from creators that makes it what it is. So, as long as it's quality I don't mind this, and even appreciate picking up a few new landmarks. 
-Be sure to check the official web site, as there is a ton of interesting and important information including photo contests, a online puzzle game, list of events, etc.
-It's a bit laggy, as all huge and busy events are, so remember to dress down (not nakie as it's a G sim), just low scripts will do.
-I didn't get in on a press tour, so I really don't know the official highlights or special features, so if you don't see something here or on another bloggers space that grabs your eye, be assured there is something for everyone.

One thing I always like to do at the birthday celebrations is visit bear island.  This is always off to one side and is filled with past and present Linden bears free for the taking.  You can see photos and info on them here:
This year LL is also offering that cool free avatar bear off SL Marketplace that I previously put on and did a little bear machinima dance a few posts back.  Marketplace has a ton of free SL10b items and shopping around the community birthday sims you will find many of the exhibitors also offer their own freebies. The exhibits are a lot of fun to see and some are really impressive.  Be sure to check it all out while you can.

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