Thursday, June 27, 2013

DamiaxArt Gallery, Art-Inside

Visit here:

The DamiaxArt Gallery by Damiax Anatra'Thor (damiax.thor), is super super cool.  It's not a huge gallery, but very full of detail.  This gallery showcases numerous pieces of famous RL art, each with an artist description and information.  The really fun part though is when you click directly on a piece it "opens up" to reveal a room inside that once you click into it your tiny avatar goes into the scene where you can pose in the picture, like as if you were the subject.  I tried to capture the process in pictures here but it's such a cool place it really has to be visited to appreciate.  Some have poses for two and some for one.  Some are even animated. So, not only is it educational, it's also immersive, unique and fun.  This would be a great place to dress in character and take pics. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

(2 examples here)
art inside_012 by Kara 2
(The Original Picture:John William Godward  Sweet Siesta In A Summer Day (1891) )
art inside_013 by Kara 2
(You can see how a window starts to open)
art inside_010 by Kara 2
( I took a pose and accepted the free flute to use and a friend took the seated pose)
art inside_011 by Kara 2
(closer shot)
art inside_014 by Kara 2
(inside-looking out into the gallery)


art inside_007 by Kara 2
(Again, an original picture: Salvador Dali Mae West 1934)
art inside_005 by Kara 2
(The window starting to open)
art inside_008 by Kara 2
(Me standing on a table in the middle of the room, art all around me)


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