Saturday, June 1, 2013

LICK My Dress

jack dress by Kara 2
(Kara, Kate, & Jack-photo by Jack)

So, I have this friend, Katherine Starfall, who has this amazing avatar, who I keep repeatedly asking where she got her skin, since it's so smoking hot.  I ask, she tells me, I get busy and promptly forget what she has told me, then the next time I see her I ask again, and so on.  This has been going on for months now and I have yet to make it to the skin store to look around.  Today she asked if I wanted to have a look at her new dress that our friend Jack Parkin, owner or "Lick" products, (mostly clothes) etc., made for her.  I said sure and when I took the tp she and Jack were standing there, Kate in her, "NO, Kara, you can't have my (smoking hot) skin" dress. Hilarious.  Of course we all know that what makes an avatar "look" is a combination of skin and shape, so her "look" is safe, but that skin may not be as I'm about to head over to the skin store and have a look.  As for Jack, he also does amazing photography.  You can see more of his store products on marketplace here:

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