Saturday, June 1, 2013

48 hr. Zombie Invasion at MadPea: Who Ya Gonna Call?

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After 7 months the MadPea Carneval is closing with a zombie invasion, 48 hours of music and entertainment and  raffles.
June 1st
12pm - DJ JJ Mac
2pm - DJ Kiteki
4pm - DJ Bobbi B
madpea Zombies by Kara 2
Visit the MadPea web site for lots of fun info. here:
madpeaposter by Kara 2

Madpea announced the title of their next game that will be coming out later this Summer. It's called UNIA and all that has been said about it is that "We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they are inside us." Rumors are this latest adventure will be adult rated!
Unia Teaser Video:

madpea_012 by Kara 2

madpeabel2.jpg by Kara 2(I called in my friend Bel to help fend off the zombies and she showed up decked out in her "Danger Zombies Run!" shirt and awesome chain guns)
Madpeabel.jpg by Kara 2

Madpea Zombies by Kara 2

Along with the high quality products on raffle are some incredible one of a kind items that have been created just for this event along with some special Madpea products from past games such as the Hellracer, Madpea Library, and Silent Peacock Hotel that are not currently for sale.  Be sure to run over for you last looks, some fun, and zombie hunting!

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