Friday, June 14, 2013

LEA11, June is Avatar Blogger Crossfit Month

Visit inworld here:

And at Vanessa's blog for full details of the exhibits, events, links and more information here:

lea11 blogger month_009 by Kara 2

So, after I made my movie poster for Berry's SL Movie Poster Challenge (see 2 posts back) I went over to LEA11 (for the 2nd or 3rd time) to put my poster in with a bunch of others.  I have to say just WOW at the quality of the graphics and concepts on these things from a variety of people.  I was almost embarrassed to add mine, but then I figured,  "what the heck, who cares?  Everyone else can just feel that much better about theirs now."  So I added mine.

 I also was lucky to meet with Vanessa Blaylock, who dropped in for a chat.  I told her what a great idea her LEA space is with the blogger June crossfit month workout equipment and stations for bloggers and Berry's section for blogger movie posters, etc.  I had more time this visit to actually absorb and explore it properly.  I added my blog to one of the treadmills and snapped a few pics for my blog here. Vanessa has some fun events going on there so be sure to take the link up top here over to her blog for details.  They are for everyone, not just for bloggers so check it out.
lea11 blogger month_013 by Kara 2

lea11 blogger month_011 by Kara 2
                                                          (my poster, myself, and Vanessa)
lea11 blogger month_002 by Kara 2

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