Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My SL Movie Poster-Berrys Blogger Challenge

Strawberry Signh's Monday Meme was to make a SL Move Poster. I've been loving the moive Burlesque since it was released and figured why not try that, so here is what I came up with. Since I don't photo shop, this was a bit harder to do than I imagined using only the free PicMonkey photo editor online. But you get the point. If you are interested in Berry's check it out here:    She has a great blog.

If you want to see an original movie poster from the Burlesque movie to consider after viewing mine look here:

If you want to try this but don't want to do it from scratch check out Art Box here:
Art Box is a very fun place to visit that has free sets to pose and play in (a BUNCH) including some movie poster scenes, and some even come with free props too.  Very worth a visit or two.  I check back as they just keep adding more and more.


  1. Well done, especially for a non P'shopper

  2. Wow I hadn't seen the movie so never saw the original poster, amazing how close you got to it. Great job on it!

  3. Ty JubJub! Thanks Berry.. fun challenge. ; )