Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ultimate Party November 11th, AIRE's 5th Birthday Party

Visit here: or direct link here: AIREHere.
Something will happen the 11/11/11…
…waters will engulf the City, it’s time to leave…
… come on board…
for The ultimate party : 5th Birthday of AIRE Second Life.

Concert Eifachfilm Vacirca & Yotan Korobase
Friday November 11 – 2 pm slt

The party should be fun and this sim has a LOT to offer. There are a variety of sites and sounds to explore via sky tps, as well as information, shopping etc on the base landing. Just teleport up to a variety of visual and audio experiences. For example there is the 55 Sounds 3d exhibit and the info. in part reads: "55 sounds to the sky is a journey trough 5 stations containing each 11 sounds in order to describe 5 kinds of specific sonic space-times. The idea here is to comment Schroedinger's scale relativity concept : so we will travel from sonic material that got stong identification to very tiny elements - the "scale" of sound will shrink step by step." So check it all out and don't miss the party!

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