Friday, November 11, 2011


So I got on Firestorm today and bought a Dollcoco Avatar doll and dress. They seem to be all the latest rage. I really wasn't as stable on Firestorm as I am on Phoenix but I just wanted a doll av and I wanted to see Mesh. I love the doll, not as much as my regular avatar, but it is still very cute. I like the Mesh ok. I don't like that my computer crashed a LOT though. Now that I am back on Phoenix it's very stable again. Hmmmm. Anyway.. about the doll. It's a ball pin doll av. So I made a short messy video to save and it shows all, well most, her parts. She came with a free body, but I chose the head that comes with closed eyes and a tear optional heads. I also bought one dress since mesh seems to be body shape specific and had to have one that works with the doll. The doll was able to wear some hair I had already though. I'm thinking it's going to be a while before everyone is on board with this mesh business and in the mean time I am quite sure I looked very goofy to friends who don't have meshed enabled viewers. But it was a fun experiment and I guess eventually we will all go the mesh road. Yeah yeah, the video is poorly edited and a little naughty but at least she made it home before sun-up and it shows most the ball-pin parts to see how the doll looks.

(how my friends w/out mesh enabled viewers saw me)

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