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Kids Days in 1920'2 Berlin

Visit here: or direct link here: 1920BerlinHere.
1920's Berlin
1920s Berlin Project Kid's Days Today and Tomorrow
The next sim I visited is 1920's Berlin Project which I have been to previously but they are having some events for children today and tomorrow that I wanted to check out. I'm not normally a child av, but it's fun to do different things once in a while and I know this sim to be an exceptional build so thought I'd check it out. I made myself into a vintage child av for the sake of .. "when in Rome...." and popped in to see what was going on. Besides they have free stuff : ) including child shapes and clothes for the events. Of course I forgot to remove my lipstick until later so my "child" was a little strange one.I didn't make the train tour but there will be another tomorrow and there is a full lineup of events for today and tomorrow, so check it out whether a child or adult av. Normally I see mostly adult avatars in the sim, but today there were families and lots of children for the specials. I was given permission to just quote their event note card, as usually the notes say it best...

"The 1920s Berlin Project is a historically themed Roleplay sim with lots of possibilities for Kids.

To show SL children some of the many options for fun and excitement in our sim and to welcome them into our community we are organising a Special Kids Weekend on November 19th & 20th, sponsored by Old Time Prims, Berliner Post Presse and Weimar!

For 2 days we will be organising special events for our young visitors, come along, bring your pals!
And if you are not a kid, why not try being one?
There will be FREE kids shapes, as well as free outfits provided for boys and girls. There will also be many more 1920s clothes for kids and skins for everyone to try!

The schedule for the weekend is as follows;

Saturday 19th November
11 am: Tour by One of the local kids showing other children around the city, showing the best spots and the top secret club house!
12 pm: Variety show at the Odeon theatre, performers and Open Stage where YOU can perform for tips!
1 pm: Lesson in the school
2 pm: Happy Hour at the bar, kids can quietly sit in a corner and watch crazy adults dancing that weird Charleston dance or make a few tips cleaning tables, collecting empty glasses, etc.
3 pm: Eldorado show (sorry, no kids allowed in that club!
4 pm: Picnic in the park & Story reading (can be combined)
5 pm: Play Tag, run around screaming, having fun and avoiding the grumpy police man!

Sunday 20th November
ALL DAY: Special Winter market next to the Brandenburger Tor with lots of cheap nice stuff!

11 am Cartoon in the cinema, come cheer and shout at the screen!
12 pm Treasure hunt, find some cool kids goodies hidden all over the neighbourhood!
1 pm church, put on your best outfit and quietly listen to the priest
2 pm Happy Hour/donation day, more fun at the Keller bar, kids can work for tips while adults dance and drink, help us reach the tier and get 1920s freebies!
3 pm Free meal and necessities at the soup kitchen for the needy.
4 pm Tour by One of the local kids showing other children around the city, showing the best spots and the top secret club house!
4 pm Hide & seek, lots of fun and chaos, avoiding the grumpy police!

And don't forget to join the Special Berlin Kids group;
(say in public chat and click or just search for 1920s Berlin Kids)

And check out our Special Berlin Kids group;

Here on our website you can find more information and other links as well;

Hope to see you in Berlin during the Kid's days and after!"
1920's Berlin
Some of the things they have to offer than might be of special interest to children include:
What we have to offer:
-A rather big busy city neighbourhood with lots to explore
-An unique very close and dedicated roleplay community
-A school
-A spooky burned building
-A train to ride around with
-A bath house with pool to swim in
-A park to play in
-A football field
-Barracks where you can see soldiers practice drill, march, etc
-A Zeppelin to fly in
-Many streets to run, play and explore
-Not too much traffic
-Watch a movie in the cinema
-Grumpy police officers who will chase you and clip you around the back of the head if you cause trouble
-A secret clubhouse that only kids can enter!
-and much much more.

Later I went back for class. Note naughty Trudie in the corner. Freidrich was also naughty sleeping in class so had to stand with his arms out. I was a good student but forgot my apple for herr someone the teacher. I learned some good German words and Trudie's bad one. Later Mila Edelman of "Old Time Prims" (a vintage clothing and furnite store) helped me out with a more realistic skin for the period which I put on after class. My clothes and hair are also from Old Time Prims. I have the freebie child shape and IDK what else on really. Visit Old Time Prims website here: or direct link here: OTPHere.
Berlin Kids Days

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