Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Dark Swamp-Explore Second Life

Visit here: or direct link here: TheDarkSwampHere.
My friend Toogy IM'd me today saying she was thinking about going out as a dark fairy. After some discussion we decided to go play together and maybe take some photos. I was headed to "The Dark Swamp" anyway, and the place worked out great for some playtime and photos/filming as it is very beautiful with pretty water, grasses, trees, a swing that all go well with windlights. I made a short vid to the Pan's Labrynth song.

This is a Cherry Manga build so you know it's great. There is a shop and tps to some sky areas and the shop sells some very nice things and some fun stuff at great prices. Perfect for fairys : ) The sim info. says, "Very low price items by Cherry Manga and Loup Erin.
Skins, Tattoos, clothes and accessories, complete avatars. Furniture and home decoration, garden plants and tree. Art sculptures."

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