Friday, November 25, 2011

Tajuk Oasis - Explore Second Life

Visit Here: or direct link here: TajukHere.
Tajuk Oasis-RP Gor Sim

I popped into this next explore to the tune of the "My Name I Michael" song playing in their sim which I thought was cute considering I haven't heard that song for ages and this is an adult Gor role play sim. It was actually Gorian Radio that played a wide variety of music while I was in the sim. In this place you have to wear the meter even if entering as an observer. They had some specific guidelines at the entry so I conformed. When I exited the landing cave I was pleasantly surprised at the very cool build I viewed below me. I strolled around and enjoyed my first SL sand storm and I entered some very cool caves. Of course my curiosity got the better of me so I allowed myself to drop into a type of cistern or hole in the cave floor only to find myself trapped in a shallow watery area. So I cheated and flew out since no one came to my rescue. The place has great waterfalls and other scenic areas. It sits right next door to City of Tor. I was really pretty impressed with the scenery. It looks like they have Gor events scheduled too. The radio personality talked of events in the city of three moons, and this place has three moons, so must be the place. Check it out if you have interest in this.

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