Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rumor Has It-Rendervision Isle May be Closing Around Nov 10th

Visit here: or direct link here: RendervisionsisleHere.

Through the Grapevine I've heard that Rendervisons Isle sim will be closing and some of the stores are having a 50% sale. I previously blogged about Rendervisions sim as it houses some great shops. One of my favs, Curio Obsecura, is there, but word is she is relocating as needed. I have no idea what the other stores will do, but I guess it's time to get some sales and hope they find a new home for the shops after the sim close which maybe me around November 10th if the information is accurate. I don't have the facts, Cherry isn't online atm, so just passing the sale info. at this time. Wyndavere's has a 50% sale on location and provides a lm for their new location after the 10th. It will be sad to see this sim go, as I always loved the whimsical buildings, strange giant bird drawn buggy tours and bee ride teleporter.

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