Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cocoon- Hope X-ll-Explore Second Life

Visit here: or direct link here: CocoonHere.

My good Friend Cafi suggested I might like this sim and handed me a landmark. He knows what I love and this was it. This sim is loaded with beauty, unusual, pose balls, stray lights, magic doors, flying elephants and baloons (big and small) faces in rocks, gargoyles, flowers and grasses, crazy trees, a giant mother turtle with a building on her back and two babies nearby, a steampunkish air ship, colors colors everywhere, more pose balls, moving waters, and did I say colors?, bubbles, statues, skywriting, birds and butterflies, a huge treehouse, boats and so much more. Yes.. I love it all. I was joined by friends Belinda Barnes, Burly Tigerpaw and Gimee Sorbet. There is a lot to see, so don't miss a bit of it. The sim is by rikku Yalin.



Gimme Sorbet

Cocoon Hope X-ll
So, yeah.. I took a lot of photos.. : )

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