Thursday, November 3, 2011

Catharsis Opens Tomorrow 11-4-11


November LEA Full Art Sim Series Continues with "Catharsis". I was able to get some preview images and information. "Catharsis" officially opens at 6pm SLT 11-4-11.
The note card reads in part, "Tyrehl Byk's "Catharsis" is an immersive, 24 minute adventure ride into the curious, the irreverent, through the sublime, and back out the other side.

Using a specially scripted theater, Byk takes control of the audience's cameras and, (if Second Life is behaving well), synchronizes a sequence of scenes that rely heavily, but not exclusively on the use of particle effects to interpret a musical track including compositions in a variety of styles from contemporary to classical."

This is an impressive show that I'd normally call a particle show except it was more than that really..... Tyrehl starts by taking out the computerized voice that introduced the show, then he took controls of our camera and led us through the show with particles, pictures, and music. It starts with visuals and particles to show things you can buy with money.. a shopping experience.. then forwards to relaxing pan flute audio with visuals of particle birds and other such calming effects, forwarding through various sites and sounds such as oldies hip hop/rock and ending with a grand finale of pink petals that fall on the audience pooling piles of pink petals (say that 10 times fast) on the ground level in the show area. Attendees at the pre-show, many of them artists in the know, were impressed with the timing and effects and one commented on being distracted by wondering how the show was actually accomplished as it was. Be sure to enjoy one of the shows. Per the UWA site, "quadrapop Lane shares the ground of the SIM with "Retrospective Highlights of 4 Years of SL" which will evolve as the month progresses."

Check out the UWA site for the landing point, some amazing photos, attendee's comments, schedules, and more information: or direct link here: UWAHere.

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  1. Hi Kara. What wonderful images you captured. I'm always curious about how others are seeing my work on their own platform.

    Thank you for your kind attention. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

    Tyrehl Byk