Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wretched Dollies and Awesome Builds

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While out shopping and exploring SL today with my friend Belinda Barnes I ran into an exceptional builder than I felt warrants a blog post here. I popped in to the Asunder sim to check out a product for sale and while at the Wretched Dollies store at Asunder, LeBoheme I was lucky to run into the builder Ulysses Cabaret. I was impressed with the various things in the store and told him so, and he offered to show me his new build that just went on sale called the Tower of Hades. My friend Bel and I were both very impressed with this huge gothic type build with secret doors, dungeon, etc., and some of the most amazing textures. The size alone was impressive and the tall towers were covered in spires and seemed to reach the sky. Ulysses is a builder of victorian, gothic vampire, and steampunk type buildings and various articles and textures. You can see his work at LeBoheme - Asunder 174, 57, 63 and at other shops at The Hollow and Nighty's Twisted Thorn. He was very friendly and helpful and even provided me with photos for this blog when I asked about blogging. I don't often blog a product but this seems much more than that. It really is a work of art, as were the things I looked at in his store. Check it out some time.

(Kara, Ulysses, Bel)

He is also well known for the Twisted Fun House, but as I said his textures are astounding and he has a whole lot of fun things in his shop.

twisted funhouse
(photos 1,2&5 provided by Ulysses)

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