Friday, August 5, 2011

The Makeover otherwise known as "Project Innocent"

This started as a makeover believe it or not... more to come.....

It all started, or so I thought, when I said in the Split Screen group chat that curator for this cool SL art Sim, Dividni Shostakovich, was wanting to get a makeover, but was a little worried the girls might not like a new look on him. Of course I really said this in order to feel him and the group out on the idea since, God forbid, he had not changed skins for something like 3 years... longer than I've been in SL. He's not the shy type and told me he didn't need any help with the women, which is true, but anyway.. his good friend, Emma Portillo, jumped on the bandwagon and apparently a few of us girls had brought up this topic with him before. Emma soon organized "Project Innocent" otherwise known as ambush Divi and don't let him take no for an answer to a makeover night. We girls, of course, were the innocents, just trying to help. All in the name of presenting the most current most professional art sim curator appearance for PR purposes of course.... never mind we like to dance with a hot av.

Please keep in mind I was given permission to blog this event so poor innocent Divi wasn't really just totally ambushed by a bunch of fashionistas wanting to make him over, well ok he was, but I soon started to think he was actually enjoying it.. somewhat. *whispers* after 5 hours we wore him down and were successful!

Dividni Shostakovich needed a new look after 3 years in the same skin. Since he curates the Split Screen art sim a few friends and myself thought he should have a smoking hot, I mean, a new professional look. Emma Portilo, Izzy Mavendorf, and Eliza Wierwight were the primary interventionists and Bryn Oh was busy but made an adorable contribution to the cause. Divi was invited to dance and with sim name changed on the tp he landed in the middle of our group at a skin store. What could he do.. he was outnumbered by a bunch of beautiful women who love him so he did what any smart man would do and sat back for the ride. But first he changed all our group tags to "Divi's Divas" then changed his to "I'm a demo model for myself". "Project Innocent" turned quickly into the " the intervention convention ... this wasn't your intention?" We went from skin store to store having him pick up the demos we all agreed on. While at LAQ we also forced him into picking up a hair demo we all very much wanted him to get and wow... who would have thought a guy could be so attached to his old hair that this took on such an art of finesse that lasted hours before he relented. Or maybe he drug it out for fun, I'm not sure. But by the time we were done he did sound a little haggard and we kept him up waaaay past his normal early bedtime.

I sure hope those store models really were afk since we asked them to strip to show us their full skin so we'd know if it was good enough to make a purchase or not, then when we got no response to our varied inquires and comments tried to take them home thinking they were like mannequins we could throw over our shoulders and have at home to just drool ove.. I mean have around like works of art.

Once the demos were selected we went back to Emma's. With only 3 of us girls left Divi began the arduous task of modeling the demo skins with his shape since again there was no way in hell he would think of changing his shape.. so a few minn later he was in a the hunky new demo shape the ladies all liked. That didn't last long though and with his old shape again went through the demos..So we got him into some short briefs I found on marketplace that are a little loose and low in the back so he could be certain he was going to get the all around right skin and shape. We kept razzing him about his shape until he suddenly got very short and chubby .. which is when I decided I needed a dance, so we all took turns dancing with Divi, then he got skinny... so we took a pic. He returned to normal and we did insist he eventually bump up his booty a bit as you couldn't' tell where that started from his back and we girls all agreed his arse was a bit too skinny and needed to be a little more "squishy" as one of the ladies said. We kept reminding him we loved him and were only trying to help and that within a week he'd be used to the changes.. and that we were already used to it and happy with change. We stopped short of making him model any "extra" parts to be assured skin tones, agreeable size, shape, styles matched etc., but he did mention something about each of us helping out in that area later.. I had no clue what he meant by that. Especially since we were going to get this job done one way or another before he chickened out... and a few times we did worry he was just humoring us and would be back in the old stuff the next day, especially when he once poofed... but thankfully he returned and we all came to a consensus.

Divi kept wanting to put on the plush pink full body Intrigue Co. bunny suit Bryn Oh sent to him during our makeover as Bryn couldn't be with us. So part of the demoing was in the pink bunny shorts before he put the briefs on then later we all went back to the stores and Divi did get his new permanent (or so we hope) skin and hair...woot! Success!.. but by then I was also in my Intrigue Skunk pjs that I had from before, so Emma and Izzy quick got some off marketplace and we returned to her house for the "after" picture. We got distracted and danced a little and finally did our "after" pic in the pjs outfits, but then I couldn't really see how hot the new Divi was so today I had him come over for a quick snap of the NEW Divi, and thankfully he was still in the new Divi skin and hair. All in all this was a LOL, pee your pants, funny good time kind of evening, and Divi has his new smoking hot.. I mean ... professional curator look.


  1. Terrorists! TERRORISTS!!

    Really it was Eliza's fault: back when she was building at Split Screen, she told me I needed a skin job. I told a couple friends about her amusing remark, little suspecting that I was giving them ideas! Emma organized it, Isabelle laid the trap, SL got into the act by refusing to let me remember that I could've TP'd the heck outta there, so in all fairness I had to let Kara blog about their evil plot to skin me alive.

    Naturally her account is rather fanciful. It's not at all true that I was unwilling to change my shape -- on my own volition I got really short, fat and ugly, and then short, skinny like a popsicle and ugly, and I even offered to become female. And of course I don't need help with women, I stopped dating in SL a couple years ago so HAHAHAHAHA wishful thinking!! I wore the pink boxers out of my deep insecurity about my masculinity. Besides, I'm not sure what it means for a curator to be "hot": in the art community the standards for men are set by Oberon, Glyph, and Eupalimos. I realize now that they're what Eliza had in mind. I lust for a pair of Oberon's shoes. But I have to say, the pink bunny suit Bryn gave me was extremely handsome and I even wore it to Belleza and LAQ to Do the Deed. I also wore it the next day to show Eliza the fruits of my extreme makeover. OK, maybe not extreme: other than the bunny suit I look pretty much like I did before.

    Anyway, you're all wonderful friends, and next time I see you, I'm gonna run like hell.

    New hair: L$250. New skin: L$1,200. Making three or four lovely ladies laugh so hard they pee their panties: priceless.

  2. PS: Yeah, actually I do look pretty good now.... :-)

  3. What a riot this was! We had such a blast! It's not every day you get a chance to have so much fun and help guide someone else's look for them! It was great to get to know and collaborate with some of your other friends as well - and what awesome friends they are!

    I do think your new look is pretty close to your old look, but at the same time it is updated and fresh. So, you stayed true to you!

    Can't wait for the next time! (hehehehe)

  4. That was sooo much fun.. I guess I'm off the hook if all the others have been talking about this, but hey it sure beats the clock look : ) So glad to have fun with all involved. : ) Thanks!