Thursday, August 11, 2011

Open House-Come Visit if You Like! : )

Open House-Please Visit!

Hi KK friends. Have you ever sort of wondered how each other lives in SL but maybe dont' know some contacts well enough yet to have gotten around to a visit or you can't connect due to time differences or whatever? Well here is your chance to see how I have been living for a while. Even if I don't know you please feel free to check it out if you are interested. Come and visit and have a look at my place if you want, but chances are I might not be around when you do, as I tend to move around a lot. I will be moving out in 2 days and so most likely this cute Staten Island flat will be available then. I love it because it has high ceilings great for camming, moving, dancing and partying and just having a sense of space and right outside one of the many large floor to ceiling windows is the bridge which is just absolutely gorgeous when lit up at night. I don't have time for a party now before I leave so if you would like to see how I've been set up for a while just drop right in and feel at home. I have clean sheets on the bed if anyone decides to spend the night. The rest of the sim is very cool too and you can check it out here: or direct link here: StatenIslandHere.

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