Wednesday, August 17, 2011

9-11 Music Memorial Remembrance Ceremony

My friend Patrick Thorkveld is planning with Liz Harley this 9-11 memorial music day at Key West and he gave me these press release pics, shirt and info.
Visit here: or direct link here: MemorialHere.
"Shaya Juran, DJ , Mistress of Memorial Remembrance Ceremonies
945 am
Moment of Silence
10 am Maximillion Kleene
11 am Andreus Gustafson
12 pm Phemie Alcott
1230 pm Clairede Dirval
1 pm Anderson Parks
130pm Vladvovoide Diavalo
2 pm Shannon Oherlihy
3 pm Sassy Nitely
330 Javajoe MacIntyre
4 pm Noma Falta
430 pm Karter Stonecutter
5 pm Strum Diesel
6 pm Taunter Goodnite
630 pm Terrylynn Melody
7 pm Ed Kyomoon
Chimera Hermit, Bagpiper plays Amazing Grace

*Poster and t-shirt made by Babegurl Dreamscape*"


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