Thursday, August 11, 2011

Explore SL-A Few More Cool Explores

Just a few more random SL explores I've been enjoying. Sorry to bore my Flickr friends who have seen most these pics and SLurls there before. I even left out most of the narcissistic self photos in lieu of more scenery for a change.

Bewitched at Elven Mist
Visit here: or direct link here: BewitchedHere.
This is a super cool fantasy realm loaded with huge colorful mushrooms amid the forest foliage including somewhat creepy areas, etc. Very nice sim and great for photos. Usually there are awesome looking avatars hanging around too.
Visit here: 0 Auspicious/128/128/2
or direct link here: NaNoBoSqUeAuspiciousHere.
This interesting sim is loaded with beautiful colors and shapes and tubes to walk through and OMG I can't even tell what all it is. It's sort of like a painting in some places with wild plants of various design etc., Just check it out for yourself if you want a interesting explore. There is a big research center in the middle. Some things there are by By Romy Nayar, but I never got full details. I've heard this is made for the cancer-battling Istituto Catalan de Nanotecnologia, but that may be Papermakis/Metalas I previously blogged briefly about which has build connections. I'll have to check out info. on this sim a little more later. (Yeah, yeah, I'm not REALLY a reporter so details could be confused at times just take the link and see for yourself if interested)

Innsmouth a Lovecraft sim
Visit here: or direct link here: InnsmouthHere.
This one should be at the top it is sooo amazing, but not specifically new. It is loaded with dark buildings including underground places, creepy monsters and modeled after a mysterious Lovecraft story. It is a RP sim, but I didn't' see that a observer tag was needed any time I've ever been in there. You can purchase the monsters and other cool associated things. Check it out, and you will NOT be disappointed on this one. My friend Sonicity Fitzroy wrote an article for the August Retropolitan magazine.... take this link to see one of Soni's many cool photos,: go there or nab a copy inworld to get all the details and check out the magazine here.

Ebony Coast
Visit here: or direct link here: EbonyCoastHere. This is a beautiful Everglade type looking sim that is just fun to explore and take wonderful photos of.
Art Box-Alice
Visit here: or direct link here: ArtboxHere. This is a fun place to play with many many preset photo stations or scenes to chose from. The two owners have developed prop sets of famous paintings, movies, etc for visitors to select, rez below and jump on predetermined pose spot and some even include free boxes of coordinating props or clothes to complete the photos. All this for free, but I would recommend hitting the donation box, as they have done a ton of work and it really is an amazing place. This is one of thier more whimsical scenes I posed in, but they have some very classy scenes to chose from as well. The selection just keeps growing and growing. Check it out some time.
Darkness Falls
Darkness Falls at Benthan Hollow
Visit here: or direct link here: DarknessBenthamHere.
Are you ready for Halloween? This sim should get you in the mood with all it's creepy scenery that is great for photos and just playing around in. It's the latest Bentham build.
Visit here: or direct link here: MagicHere.
This is just a really cute (mostly shopping) area loaded with cool stuff and clothes and like the pic shows some fun play areas.

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