Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Mad Hatter, A Cool New Events Venue

(Harper & Raspbury)

I dropped in to the new events venue, The Mad Hatter, in time to catch Harper Messmer and Raspbury Rearwin dual streaming tonight. There was a good crowd for this event and the venue itself was fun to check out. Raspbury continued singing alone with his keyboards and guitar after he dual streamed with Harper.

The Mad Hatter is owned by Dani Sarjeant and Jayson Massenberg. Situated in the grunge sim of Dark Realm this venue has all the asthetic details to make it a delight to see and hang out in as well as enjoy the talent. Dani said, "We started having live artists early August. Actually August 11th was our first show featuring, Harper Messmer. :) The Mad Hatter has always been a dream of Jay's. He has always wanted a place where artists can come and play for free. We actually do not rely on any of the tips we generate because we live here. We never charge or take a percentage." Dani and Jayson actually live in the mainland and this area is in the sky which I didnt initially notice as it's a large area filled with highly detailed shops. Jayson said they don't charge rent for their shops. I asked about the sim and style. Razobladejacket is opening up a store here and Tink tattoo is also in Dark Realm. I cammed and saw clothing stores, eye stores, an adorable grocery that gave me free stuff, plus various other stores. I also saw there is a subway, a tall building that has a casino, bowling and other things. Dani stated, "We love the grunge look and decided the zombie side is a great way to get people here and they can have some fun. we turn those off when we have events lol" "There are so many talented people in SL. We just hope that people can come here and enjoy the venue and appreciate what these artists do." It really is very cool looking and with the talent and crowds tonight I'm sure they will ejoy great success. Check it out here: or direct link here: TheMadHatterHere.

Tomorrow, Friday 8-26-11 they host Quanah at 8pm slt as well as musicians Amforte and Acousticenergy Nitely.

Dani and Jayson
(Dani & Jayson-owners)

Dark Realm-The Mad Hatter
(Dark Realm)

The Mad Hatter
(The Mad Hatter-stage area)

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