Saturday, August 13, 2011

Holodeck Heaven-Ultimate Holodeck

Visit here: or direct link here: UltimateHolodecksHere.

(Kara and Shield)
I visited my friend Shield Markus who is a fellow Kansan at the Ultimate Holodeck today. They are so cool I figured I'd blog them so if someone hasn't seen these yet they won't miss out. These holodecks are fun just to check out really, but even better they are for sale too and the store has been open since Feburary 2009. It's like the ultimate explore all in one spot. They can all be demo'd in 360 degree scenes rezzed from menus. I imagine these are amazing for sim owners who have rental skyboxes, shop owners, individuals who want their land and use these around skyboxes to live in as sim extenders, scenery props for photographers, etc. I played around in the demos and you can see the menus I have showing that for each holodeck changes the scenery and you can even add your own scenes. Developers are Vander Reich, Richsz Rexen and Shield Markus. The holodeck instructions will soon be in many different languages. I was taking photos and Shield showed up so he gave me some more info. about the holodecks.
(You can see menus in this shot)

Reich, Rexen & Markus LP
Full Sim Solutions
Rental Systems and Holodeck rentals per week or month are possible.

Some of their holodeck info. says:
"Come experience incredible real views in SL
Ask for RRM Holodeck Store Buyers Guide
Parcel Extender
100x100 meter Cube
256x256 meter Sim Wide Cube
512x512 meter Wider Than Sim Cube
Variety of smaller sized Holodecks.
Ultimate Holodeck can be 8 prims to use.
Standard or Full Sim Base, they rez Holodeck walls, floors and furniture.
HUD Scenes Controller worn, adds no prims
22 prim Scenes Controller when it is rezzed
Base, Scenes, HUD create package
800 Scenes Collection Master Package
200 Scene Packages
100 Scene Package
33 Scene Packages
Holodecks can be used up to 4000 meters.
Skyhomes placed inside the Ultimate Holodeck enjoy exceptional views!
132 solid floor textures, furniture can be used.
Your own textures uploaded to interior and exterior walls. Easy to do with a few steps.
Videos will play on interior walls!
Entertaining, Creative and Fun for all."
Visit here: or direct link here: Holodeckhere.

Informational note card reads:
"This is 800 Panoramic Scenes Collection. Real Life locations and Fantasy World views (CGI). Many of the Collections have 200 scenes.
Set the timer to change scenes automatically. Save favorites, you will have plenty. Group permissions to use together with friends.
Upload your personal photos or created textures to interior and exterior walls customizing it. Video streams play on interior walls. You can DJ events inside and use it anywhere.
Easy to use. This low prim parcel extender allows more creativity and fun over any land.
Rezzed high as 4000 meters, parachute or fly off the top of it! A lot of people don't use enough of their land, ground and sky.

The largest size Cylinder wall can surround a sim with mountain or forest background and still have water views.
Adjustable sizes to fit most parcels.
Standard Base 20x20 to 100x100 meters or Full Sim Base 120x120 to 512x512 meters.
The Ultimate Holodeck Cube can be 8 prims to use any size.
This has sit furniture installed for couples and friends.
(this photo provided by Shield)
( Rezzing the furniture increasing prims ) There is a camping set with fire and couples animations pillow. Tree stumps, sit around a fire and meditation spheres. All have many sit positions.
You can put anything inside, houses, castle, forest, city and roads. Use the top for building platform.
Scenes Controller and HUD ( Looks same as Scenes Controller ) with Base that rezzes walls and floors creates the Ultimate Holodeck package."


(landing spot.. you can go to diff holodecks from this spot to rez various holodecks options)

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  1. Thank you for this great info Kara. Looks stunning for machinima backgrounds!