Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deviant Diversions

Lately during my explores I have stumbled upon some fascinating builds and the sim structures were cool too. I'm talking about some explores in beautiful places where I've seen things, avatars, places, a bit "deviant", using their own term, not my judgement. None of these are totally off the charts, so yeah I admit my curious side did peek beyond the flowers a few times without immediately teleporting away. After all I'm just an innocent bystander exploring the grid. Here is a bit of what I've seen lately. Obviously my photos are not going to show exactly everything I saw when peeking through the flowers because so far I've been keeping this blog pg, as I'm pretty much a pg person, so you will have to use the imagination or just visit yourself if inclined and if not inclind then please don't let me lead you this way.
The Abbey

The Abbey. Inside the Abbey the teleporters can take you to the meadow, dungeon (I had to close my eye whoops I mean eyes, in this section), forest, pub/club, orgy beach, hang glide, simball, gallery shopping or you can just walk around and find your own way. There is some fun and "interesting" shopping, a huge sea monster and various other amazing sites, and on the adjacent sim "Deviant" there is the Deviant store and an old run down insane asylum on the hill. I noticed many people in the Abbey had NPIRL or extra body parts and I certainly did not see any monks or nuns or such.
Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Abbey%20Island/141/146/45 direct link here:

The next deviant sim I explored I went to because I saw a beautiful photo but never did I suspect I'd tp in to the lettuce sim at the Adrastea "Fetish" Cafe and see a chained girl dancing bar top. The cafe itself has such a sweet and innocent adorable Japanese style look to it. Later while exploring this gorgeous sim I'd find a small jail type outbuilding designed for more role play along the deviant lines. It's snowy around the naughty area just is case you want to avoid that area.. or not. The fields seem to cover the various seasons and are just beautiful with pose spots and intans around for dancing etc., but I guess the dancer on the cafe bar and the toys in the jail were my first clues the sim is not as innocent as it first appears. Chouchou music plays in the background and I think this one is actually just a mildly deviant sim with gorgeous scenery. Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lettuce/152/98/50 or direct link here:

Utterly amazing. Diesel sim "Milk and Cream" I found from a pretty photo or possibly a suggestion from someone for pretty pictures and very quickly discovered it is definitely for those who like milk and cream .. and mamories.. and well, cows and other things that have any kind of overly large various body parts and aren't afraid to hide them and um well like to actually have them all out there. This was quickly determined by the shopping area around the landing point. I did wander around and found some beautiful nature sites before locating the barn with milking stations, underground secret rooms for more role play and very very friendly avatars playing around there.
Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Diesel/171/79/1294 or direct link here: DieselHere.


Lastly I visited an old sim I've been to before because, well I thought it fitting to go on this blog post. This sim is called Sensual Stoneworks, and has some very cool areas to explore, again in a nature setting with a lot of pose balls and other animated "things" to try out, the infamous "womb temple" that I won't describe, and a main huge shopping area. There is also a large building outside on the lands that has clothes, Designs by Fry. In the main shopping area are strange plants, statues, animals etc that apparently like to "play" WITH people. One of the biggest is a creature called Orochi, the Hydra which is a 3 headed beast who apparently likes sacrifices and when he's had his way provides an egg that hatches into a tiny baby Hydra....or so I've heard. The upper floor of the main tower has themed rooms including a serpent room, a library, dragon's den, and some dark siren or mermaid rooms. The exterior was guarded by various interactive statue mythical creatures and animals that also like to play, and the stained glass dome holds two fighting skeletal winged creatures. A very interesting sim if you don't get distracted along the explore. Visit here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sensual%20Stoneworks/152/227/26 or direct link here: SensualStoneworksHere.

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