Friday, August 26, 2011

PNP-Props and Poses for Photopraghy

Spishak Sorbet is co-owner of PNP and anyone in the group knows he's often sending out freebies, notices to come to the store for free poses and things and providing information about sales, photo contests, hunt information, dancing, photography and Photoshop tutorial videos, etc. The over 1700 member group is active and informative and the store is loaded with all kinds of poses for single, couples, groups and has backgrounds and props. There are also some other fun things like the infamous "angry box". I've been enjoying PNP poses and great sales for a long time now so when I thought of a pose I wanted but couldn't find in SL I IM'd Spishak who asked me to tell him about what I wanted .. and when I did, he immediately made just the right pose. I have to say I was very impressed with not only the quick skills but the service and friendly attitude. Then the really fun part.. trying to make a cool pic with a unique, thus far one of a kind as far as I know pose made upon request. And here it is! A seated pose with hand out that looks like it's holding something like this small bird in above pic. The store is huge with lots of poses to chose from. Check the store out here: or direct link here: PNPHere. You can also check out the many PNP photography tutorials on Youtube starting here:

Photo taken in Elven Forest, Blossom here: direct link here: ElvenHere.
Elven is a great place for fantasy role play, exploring or taking photos. It's an impressive large beautiful land filled with many poses and they just had their ballroom grand opening last week. Check it out some time.

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