Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 10 Signs You Need a 1st Life

☀•.¸¸.☀✿☀ Top 10 Signs You Need A 1st Life ☀•.¸¸.☀✿☀
☑ When your PC crashes at RL work you tell a colleague you'll BRB because you have to relog
☑ You find yourself unconsciously mimicking your Av's AO poses in RL
☑ You fall asleep at your PC
☑ Your IMs go to your Blackberry
☑ Your Av profile picture is your RL Facebook profile picture
☑ You find yourself trying to count the prims in buildings in RL
☑ You find yourself imagining what it would be like to orbit your RL boss
☑ You try to cam in on web pages
☑ Your Facebook friends are also your Second Life friends
☑ You don't ask for directions, you ask for a Landmark

I was just out clubbing with the girls tonight. Some fun gestures and comments going around. We hit Club Rumors and then Bar None. Both good spots.

(L-R Belinda Barnes, Sonicity Fitzroy and Kara Trapdoor)

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