Monday, August 22, 2011

Hogwarts, Your Story-RP Sim Opening



Once again I am checking out the latest in SL, and that seems to be the new Hogwarts/Harry Potter role role play sim opening this week. The clothes are out all over SL stores, the products and photos of people in outfits with accessories are all over Flickr, many have blogged, and many more are patiently waiting for this RP sim to open for business, or rather RP. The landing spot is here: or direct link here: HogwartsHere. The sim is still under construction but open all week from 6pm SLT to 9am SLT then closed again until 6pm SLT so they can continue to work on things.
Their note card reads:
"Hello, and welcome to a preview of the Hogwarts: your Story castle!
As you can see, we are still under some construction. Regardless, we would like to share with you our progress.

Hogwarts Hogwarts_012

Please purchase the box (L$0) near the Great Hall entrance in the courtyard OR the viaduct entrance for landmarks to certain areas of the castle. We are still working on the hallways and corridors so that accessing these areas will seem more authentic in the future.
Because we are still under some construction, 'preview days' are limited to these hours:
6 PM - 9 AM SLT
The sim will be closed (to staff access only, not public) for construction from:
9 AM - 6 PM SLT
We anticipate to finish the castle as soon as possible.
We hope you enjoy your stay and we look forward to meeting you!
Thank you!
H: YS Staff

This is the time to check out the houses, facilities, and decided where you might fit in.. or like me, just check it all out. At the landing zone there is a free box loaded with landmarks to areas of the sim. First I checked out the dungeons which are currently some large dark catacomb areas obviously not quite finished, then i checked out the grounds followed by the Gryffendor common room which there were plenty of people playing in. Jameslee Magic let me take a pic of us together in the Hufflepuff commons. I checked out Ravenclaw and Slytherin commons. also visited the The library was massive.. I mean HUGE! I really do want to get lost in a library like that. Everything is highly detailed inside. I also visited the quidditch pitch. I had no sightings in the bathroom. The courtyard was the busiest area today as it is filled with clothes and products so if one comes in unprepared they can be completely outfitted right on the spot. I also got myself a Pygmy puff there. I demo'd the nibus 1700 which was a fun ride : ) Everyone was asked to keep arc under 800 for the time being and so there were some people bald and barefoot while others were decked out in HP theme clothes like myself. They were still working on the dueling courtyard and it was getting late so that is where I ended my tour for the night. Overall very impressive look and it appears many people are interested.

If you are not familiar with the Harry Potter stories this Wiki site pretty much covers the basics: direct link here: HPWikiHere.


Castle courtyard with clothes, wands, quidditch nimbus,pigmy puffs, and anything else needed or desired to RP here.
(I'm wearing: House of lion tie-BOOM, House of Lion knee socks-BOOM, Silky "Charlotte" white blouse-*GF*, Mary Jane Shoes-R(S)w, black gauzy skirt-(mon) tissu)


  1. I still cannot be genuinly pleased with second hand ideas like this. Probably a lot of effort went into this, but like so many great designs it is really just made to look like copyrighted material. Why LL allows this sort of thing while even without DMCA from the rightfull IP owner we all know this is taken from a movie so why is it allowed? Lindens themselves on twitter for example promote things like this all the time.

    Sad really..

  2. That is something I had not really thought much about before, as there are so many ideas in SL taken from first life and this is not the first Hogwarts in SL either. I personally don't know anything about how copyrighted material would come in to play for something like this as it's the concept that is similar. It would be interesting to see more about this.