Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miss Azul, 2010 Contest

Today the Miss Azul pre-finalists presented themselves to the judges and spectators and answered questions. Five finalist were chosen to participate in the finals next week July, 24. I love Azul dresses and ended up taking so many pictures I decided to just put a few into a slide show--shown here. For anyone who thinks modeling is easy, I think they should just see how cool and collected these ladies were in lag and under pressure to answer some pretty tough questions. One of the judges, BOSL, Frolic Mills seemed to hand out the toughies. The question of the day was posed to Emma Portilo by Frolic Mills:

"Frolic Mills shouts: If you win this contest, you will get a free pass to MISS VIRTUAL WORLD. Imagine Mami Jewell makes your dress for the MVW final evening and you think it is the ugliest piece of crap ever! - What would you do?"

This had the audience feeling compassion for Ms. Portio calling Mr. Mills Darth Vadar and evil. And while the audience was shouting things like "throw it in the trash", etc. the classy Ms. Portilo didn't miss a beat with her answer.
"Emma Portilo shouts: I am sure, knowing the quality and distinctive tastes of Azul, that would not be the case. However, I would hold my head proudly and style distinctively and proceed with honor for carrying the title of both Miss Azul as well as a Miss Virtual World finalist."

Then he had the guts to ask Vikeejeah Xevion what many were probably wondering:
"Frolic Mills shouts: Vikee hun - I am convinced that passion in what you do is key to sucess. What can you say to convince us that you are in this contest for your passion of the AZUL brand and NOT for some free lindens, clothes and fame?"
Vikee's response via translator:
"Ponchituti Boucher shouts: Vikeejeah Xevion: I think based on my styling in your 105 class and my daily styling in general I have proven I am not in this for the money :). I too was a designer once and I appreciate and admire the skill and artistry of virtual clothing design. I am in love with modeling and have been fortunate enough to briefly get to know Mami and I think she is wonderful. This confirms my desire to represent her and her brand and that is why I wish to win this contest."

Maybe the tougher questions helped these ladies because both made it to the finals, which include:
-Emma Portilo
-Tania Tebaldi
-Vikeejeah Xevion
-Shae Sixpence
-Estella Parx
Join them July 24th for the finals.

Azul Pre-Finals in Second Life from Kara Trapdoor on Vimeo.

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