Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Imagine Plus Art Land-Great Explore!

My exploring buddy, Cafi Rang, and I had a great time- actually a couple of times- in this Imagine Plus Art Land area. The main area itself was an impressive explore with many different and unusual things to look at, but there is also a tp box with 7 adjoined areas to explore. One of my old SL favorites, Art Box, has a section. We also found something new to us, Nogurin Kidd has the Kidd Factory store and has built an area in Imagine Plus around his fun toylike animated things that I made a short quick video out of. It seems almost everything is clickable and animated with some fun pranky type freebies that I love. This is such a fun place to play.
The Imagine Plus Art Group Includes:
-4000m Eternal Saga-ball room built by Sweetlemon Jewell
-3950m Dream Bridge-Illustration Gallery curated by Mason Ringo
-3500m Quintessence Bark Aabye Photo Gallery-built by Dazzai Voom
-3000m n&n-Naho Aya & Nogurin Kidd funny goods shop
-2000m 180Portraits-built by Selvay Oh, photo by Bark Aabye
1500m Shoji Kumaki Photo Gallery
1000m Art Box-Ukiyoe-by Frankie Rockett & Violet Sweetwater
20m Monolith-teleport station
Imagine Art Group

This whole area is seriously worth a visit. Check it out: ImagineHere.

Imagine Plus Art Land, Fun Sim, Kidd's Factory --time to play! from Kara Trapdoor on Vimeo.

Music used is No Doubt: Different People

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