Monday, July 5, 2010

The Environmental Fluidity Collaborative Project: Caerleon Isle, Auraltopia... a cool place to visit

The Environmental Fluidity Collaborative Project opened July 4th and runs through the end of the month of July, 2010. Enjoy this adventure and explore the magic of prims.

I received a note from my friend Pixel Reanimator who suggested I visit this sim and I am very appreciative of the lead, as Auraltopia is interactive and fun; just my style. In my opinion it has a slower start but gained my interest along the way with some very unique and amazing things that should be experienced by all.

The intro. sign explained some things about the many "sections" of Auraltopia. There is:"Stuck in My Head", "I-Composer", and "Magnetone", where sounds are flung around inside a magnetic force field creating a Doppler type effect that changes as you move.

I took a tp to Phantisma and rode a cloud to a cartoonish looking area that had all kinds of things that moved and could be ridden or touched and changed. I rode a great winged creature around then I touched some roots of a tree that had a face and ended up riding a marble type sphere down and around a shoot to another area "Primatecture" that housed many sections of shape changing items, including what looked like multi colored jello cubes that moved when walked through.

I ended up taking some magic doors to some more cubed places including one with a vanity mirror that actually seemed to show your reflection.. which is a first for me in SL. When I hit the computer room and shrunk down and got stuck inside a computer and could see myself moving around actually trying to get out I just HAD to tp in some friends to see this phenomenon. Then I took a very strange computer mouse ride and ended up eating some cookies to get large again.

Later on a boat ride took me right through a mountain and down into the water into Aquatica. Giant hands were fish feeding and netting strange water animals. There really are all kinds of intriguing things around.. and you just have to keep moving ahead to find what you really like. Here I was hypnotised, levitated and put through a ring and tossed about like magic. I honestly just wanted to tp in everyone I know to see all this.

Then came Evotropolis, which I can't really even describe.. You just have to visit. All I know is that at first it was some strange planty type area then changed right before my eyes to a old town prop area and I couldn't even find the parts to how it looked before. Then when I blinked or something it changed to a park type area.. and with so many details I did not want to miss a thing. This place does take a while to explore properly.

Last I made it to Exquisite Corpse where I found the Primulator which generates a prim individuals can add to a structure.. Your prim or prims have your name on it but will derezz or "die" after 12 hours of being rezzed. This is an opportunity for participants to be a part of the ever changing collaborative work of art.

All in all there were 15 sections to this exhibit. Worth the trip. Visit here: CaerleonIsleHere.

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