Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hybrid Productions

Today I visited South Purden-Hybrid Productions, State of the Art Sim with special events last Friday and again tomorrow, Sunday the 11th of July, 2010.
The sim apparently is open from July 2 though July 12, so if you want to visit 'better hustle on over. Signs indicated the party event tomorrow has dress code of "spooky" all black or all white. H-Productions is presenting the official album SL release party with Swedish H-Prod artists,
Cari Lekebusch, Kimono and Jesper Dahlback. The sim is by Herm Worsley. More information can be obtained from their web site HybridHere.

I dropped in to a dark black and white kind of surreal forest scene with a lot of glow and stray lights, and bit of lag that made me regret wearing my Moodys and high prim hair, but not for long because I was way too distracted by the sites to care about lag. Besides, I know how to cam. The sim is all dark and bright, leaning toward the black side with many twisted and bent trees, tall white and glowing grasses, some sculptures and 3 animal items (owl, spider and lion) to search for and take when found that are filled with prizes. The other visitors were all exclaiming how cool the place was too, so I guess it was not just me that was impressed with the look and feel of the place. There is a stage area I assume set up for the musician's shows. There are 5 main sim areas including Macabre/Goth Night area, Bodaysnatcher Shiverer, Event space, State of the Art area, and Artist info section. Watch out for the giant spider that likes to attack. Just follow the yellow path. Have fun, I did!

Check it all out here: PurdenHybridHere.

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