Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ripple: A Meditation on Waves

Today I visited "Ripple: a meditation on waves" exhibition by Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield and hosted by Tayzia Abattoir of New Media Consortium. The sonic environment is by March Macbain a.k.a. Emily Wilkins in real life. Liz Russotti of Santa Barbara City College provided the space for them to develop this piece.
Ariel view showing control panel. Dots below are visitors on the dance floor.

Doug Story and Friend

I had a sneak peak tour of this sim some months ago with an educational group and it's design remains as impressive the second time around. The "touch to change" land houses a huge vase shaped structure that from inside touch panels create a ripple effect of panel color/design changes throughout the chamber. There is ambient soothing sounds generated with the panel movement and changes. There are actually two levels and from the top there are additional controls at the end of an invisible walkway. There are also faint floater ball spheres that can be ridden around inside the chamber and there is dancing at the base. While at the event today Zach Cale played piano and sang for our entertainment and I thought it was cute when he sang "All the Little Fishes" and the walls changed to moving fish visuals.

The information provided indicated additional information about history, techniques, artist's background, credits and statements can be found on their web site

Check out Ripple here:

Zach Cale on Piano

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Kara. Incidentally, that's our composer March who I am doing the tango with in the picture!