Friday, July 16, 2010

Relay For Life, Journey:24 hour event, walk and entertainment -Closing Ceremony July 17

More Birthdays

My RFL Linden Bear
Tomorrow Saturday July 17, 2010 is the big American Cancer Society's Relay for Life closing ceremony 24 hour event. Over 35 countries will come together in Second Life to raise money for this cause. There are many sims and the place is amazing with huge and beautiful builds, sites to see and entertainment along the walk route. This is an explorer's dream, as I saw an Alice in Wonderland area, More Birthday's area, many many other interesting sites, and heard there is a sim size maze. The 2010 Relay for Life of Second Life theme is
"Wishing on a Cure".

Today I took an early tour of the area and set a SLurl link in front of the spectacular BOSL Tower of Hope on the path. The main road is lined with donation luminaries that light up when a donation is made to each and a person can leave their name as the donor or set it with a memorial name. When a donation to the luminary is made it changes color and you also get a scripted color changing luminary to take home.

The named luminaries

BOSL Tower of Hope

Frolic Mills & Others Tell "Why I Relay"

Check it out here: RFLHere.
The magnificent glowing BOSL Tower of Hope structure is best seen in dark light like midnight setting and is filled with plaques by designers who were involved in Relay for Life with their picture and statement of why they relay. There is even cool stuff under the water so don't miss the "eyeball" LOL! There is a gondola tour ride through the Tower of Hope.

Next door to BOSL is a booth which offers some additional information about the day's events, Relay for Life in SL and the live musician's schedule. Among other things, you can get a free "walk and talk" line where you can walk hands free to chat in a Congo type line with friends.

There are 3 stages set up for entertainment during breaks from the walk.
Saturday 17th
12:00 PM Newbawn Easterwood
01:00 PM Zerbie Magic
02:00 PM Johnny99 Gumshoe
03:00 PM Rock DOghous
04:00 PM Nonge Shipman
05:00 PM Dominic Manatiso
06:00 PM Mikelec Criss
07:00 PM Molly Serpente
08:00 PM Automatic Quandry
09:00 PM Luminary Ceremony

Information provided at the event includes the following:
(see also my first and subsequent blog posts regarding some SL involvement I attended)
What is Relay for Life of Second Life?
Relay for Life of Second Life is held on its own set of sims in July, and highly publicized throughout Second Life. Fundraising begins early in March, and continues through the Relay event in July and into August. On July 17th, the teams meet on a track where each team has a campsite they have decorated themselves, most according to a theme of their own choosing. Relayers walk around the track all night to symbolize that the fight against cancer never sleeps. The Relay for Life of Second Life includes a number of music events, and an all-night radio broadcast that can be heard all around the track."

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