Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SLumber Party

For more SLumber Party fun check Ant's video next and my Flickr here: KaraFlickrPicsHere.

One of the funny things about this is that of all the billions of pj's in SL and about 20 pair I alone have in my inventory, Ant showed up in the very same pair, and we didn't even know each other had these. Ant was so sweet and said she'd change and I said, nooo, lets go with this, and so then Christie got a matching pair off Xstreet. The pj's have additional options and are cheap at 99L. They are called Love Skulls Pajamas. SL is great. At the slumber party we jumped on the bed, put on facial masks and cucumber eye treatments, did each other's makeup, hair and nails, of course posed and joked around, had a pillow fight, changed outfits and danced on the beach. I guess we never did get around to sleeping--- just like RL.

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