Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Time USA Sim-Happy Independence Day America

My friend Laura Liberty makes great holiday sims and once again she came through with an amazingly fun 4th of July/family theme sim to play, shop, get freebies, and see things in. All her displays are very interactive, which I love, so I visited and made a little video. One of the first things I did was grab one of the free band costumes that includes all instruments, and jumped on the pose balls with some other visitors to take a little sync'd marching band trip around the area. Next I took some food from the long potluck table filled with click and rez free picnic type foods. I participated in a pie eating contest and forgot my free bib until after I had filmed a little. I cooked out on the grill and was given a free chef's hat and spatula. The sim has a sack race with free sacks and track to play on. There is a beautiful Statue of Liberty fireworks display to watch, Mt. Rushmore scenery on the far side, water balloons, laundry, hopscotch, a variety of free holiday hats, a slip 'n slide into a wading pool with poses, face painting with free facial tattoos given, and plenty of shops with great home decor, clothes, novelties and gifts. Around the corner is an adorable soda fountain with free animated hula hoops, free ice creams and other snack goodies, and places to dance and play. Laura Liberty... the name is ironic for the holiday sim she made. Have a great Independence day Americans. If you are not American, this is still a cute wholesome hometown style sim to enjoy. Watch the video, then check out her cool sim here: SummerTimeUSASimHere.

Happy 4th of July America 2010 from Kara Trapdoor on Vimeo.

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